RepCore® Model

Organizations require an objective and consistent metric system to evaluate their reputation among key stakeholders and obtain indicators for management. Reputation Lab offers the RepCore® model for this purpose.

The RepCore® model can be customized to fit the unique needs of each organization. It begins with a standard model that uses a limited number of variables to explain reputation, but it also allows for the inclusion of additional specific and relevant variables. These variables may be related to the industry, the market in which the organization operates, or the company's own strategy. They are identified in collaboration with the project leaders within the organization.

The RepCore® model is designed to ensure comparability within and outside of the sector, country, or stakeholder group without requiring additional studies or modifications. This is achieved by maintaining the set of variables in the standard model.

RepCore® Nations

A country's reputation is built on perceptions of cultural, economic, political, and social elements, among others, just as a company's reputation is built on the perception of rational elements linked to its activity. To measure and manage the reputation of countries, we have adapted our RepCore® model to use specific attributes, creating the RepCore® Nations. This methodology measures the level of admiration, respect, and trust that each nation receives from international public opinion, and explains it through a set of 22 rational attributes grouped into 5 dimensions.

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